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Entry #2


2008-04-24 21:51:13 by TheDeadRaven

salutes from here

its been a while xd

well i heard from some people that Genocide is stolen.... from a site called webdelhumor... i dont know.. i would like to verify that, but i am in peace because i know i didnt stole it, a real artist does not stole. heh.

I have some old forgotten flash movies. They suck. I could upload em anyway. Dont know, maybe later.

however, see ya



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2008-09-03 15:54:15

Sorry could you tell me the name of the songs that play in "Genocide". Both of them. I like them very much!

TheDeadRaven responds:

the jazzy tune is a vince guaraldi song, i dont remember, the devil part is "in tenebris" by rhapsody and the credits music is "spanish flea" by tijuana brass i think


2008-10-27 20:12:25

I loved oyu movie "Genocide". I am about to get my adobe flash 8 pro, and my wacom intuos3. As soon as I do, I want to make movies. But something has been peeking my curiosity.... how do you get your sound affects in your movie. Where do you get them from, and how do you put them in your movie? Also, do I need a specific microphone to make noises and sounds, or can I just use my microphone on my headset?


2009-12-19 23:14:19

Whats The Name Of The Song that Plays When The Character Dies at the End of Genocide?