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2008-01-25 13:34:11 by TheDeadRaven

It has been kind of a year and something since i dont come to NG, and how it changed... ive been watching the reviews of my movies.... long time since i posted all that shit....
i have been recieving tons of emails, most of them of the NG staff xD but also somethings interesting, dont beat me with a bat for what im going to tell now
i recieved mails from people that want to put me on tv and pay me, i declined the offers cause that was never meant to win money and i wouldnt like it anymore if my art goes mainstream. I think the only and best place to put genocide is here.
er... some were asking me if i am going to make new animations, the answer is i dont know. maybe, it has been 2 years since i dont touch the macromedia, so i really dont know. Maybe youre going to see me uploading a movie, but being really honest, i dont think im making movies anymore.
see ya later

thedeadraven (holy shit i wish i could change my nickname)


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2008-02-29 23:41:03

DUDE DONT QUIT!!! Animators rok and well...if ur not using flash...can i hav it?